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Kenya Pace, M.A.,RMHCI, RMFTI

M.A. Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family therapy.

“I am a wife of a Retired Combat Veteran and a mother to four beautiful children. I understand the complexities of being separated from your spouse for extended periods of time and feeling alone in the relationship and raising the children. Even the most well-prepared and successful person can find themselves wondering how things became so complicated, messy, or challenging, and feel at a loss when it comes to what to do to put the pieces back together. People have been shaped and molded by their past experiences, both good and bad. Often, people feel drawn to focus on the bad experiences, often leading to pain and struggles of many kinds. To many, pain and struggle feels permanent. Many excuse these struggles as “just part of life”. When we excuse these struggles and they become “just part of life” we tend to lose hope. When one is ready to address their struggles they can overcome what they thought was permanent.

I practice from a Solution Focused and a Cognitive Behavioral approach; to allow my clients the opportunity to create solutions to their issues, and to change how they think so that they can start changing their behavior. When one creates solutions they are one step closer to improving their situation. My flexibility also allows for me to change approaches when needed to benefit what my client needs. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, families, teens, and children. I provide therapy in a comfortable, flexible, and down-to- earth manner. I am honest, non-judgmental, a great listener, highly confidential and have a great sense of humor.”

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