Premarital Counseling


Congratulations on your engagement!

There is nothing like the excitement and anticipation that comes with preparing to marry the person you love.  It is one of life’s most precious seasons when all the possibilities of what can be unfold before us.  I enjoy working with engaged couples in premarital counseling, because there is an unparalleled opportunity to seize those possibilities and solidify the strong foundation on which a loving, lasting relationship can be built.

A study on premarital education in 2006 conducted by S.M. Stanley and others concluded that:

“…Participation in premarital education was associated with higher levels of satisfaction and commitment in marriage and lower levels of conflict–and also reduced odds of divorce. These estimated effects were robust across race, income (including among the poor), and education levels, which suggests that participation in premarital education is generally beneficial for a wide range of couples.”*

I ask couples to commit to five sessions of premarital counseling.  During those sessions, we will cover the three main areas of: How you Love, how you fight, and how your family of origin has affected you.  The first session will consist of an overview of these three areas a brief introduction of how you fell in love, and your dating and proposal story.  Each of the next three sessions will focus on one of the key areas identified above.  The final session will conclude with a summary of your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with practical tips and advice for managing potential areas of concern. Most premarital couples find this time helpful, enriching, humorous, and informative. 

My job in premarital counseling is to help couples identity their strengths and compatibilities, while providing strategies for identifying and working through areas for relational growth.  Specifically, we will focus on communication strategies and how to engage conflict in resourceful ways.

By addressing potential pitfalls or unwanted patterns and by developing new, life-giving ways of relating, you can start creating the legacy of a happy marriage and a healthy family!